Who is Mia Francis? photo and videos leaked onlyf reddit

When he left “FBOY Island” for the first time, Garrett Morosky was in a relationship with someone other than the co-star he was trying to win back; instead, she was with Jack Paul’s predecessor … And there are all kinds of dramas.

So here’s the deal … We were told that Garrett and his co-star Sarah Amyg went on a double date in Los Angeles in June when they met the “too hot” stars Harry Josie and his date is Mia Francis.

However, we were told that Garrett and Mia hit it off right away … leaving their date outdoors, figuratively. Since then, Garrett and Mia, a fan-only star who previously dated Jack, have been talking and are now on the “date” stage.

The thing is, we were told that Garrett hadn’t “talked” to Sarah yet. Our source stated that Garrett planned to apologize to her publicly again. As for why things didn’t work out for them, Sarah lives in Cincinnati and we were told that long distance dating is not realistic.

We contacted Garrett and asked how you could lock up a so-called “FBoy,” and he said … “I’m not the right person’s FBoy.” Earlier this year, Mia got in touch with Jake Paul, but failed due to some dramatic things … as detailed by the good guys at TooFab.

By the way, the fact that Garrett and Mia are now dating may explain why Garrett suddenly showed up to challenge Jack in a boxing match.

In hindsight, when Sarah told us last month that Garrett screwed her up, she seemed to be relaying all of this information. again.

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