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Women cannot have friends because their partners want to date them. A woman once said that she could not make friends because of her appearance, claiming that her appearance made her unable to resist her partner.

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One woman claimed that she was unable to establish a female friendship because her male partner of hers “wants to date her.” Moriah Mills, 27, described himself as a lonely person, who never had a friend, much less a group of girlfriends.

The New York model explained that her appearance prevented her from befriending other women. “It’s always been me, me and me, a little lonely, and I prefer my own company,” Moria said.

“I don’t really trust others and I don’t worry about not having a best friend. Before, I didn’t care, but now I love myself.” Moriah shared pictures of her life with her 101,000 followers on her Instagram and said that most women commented on her because she is popular with her partners.

“Her husband and her boyfriend love me. I am very good, but they may think that I am conceited with my appearance,” she said. “You are so wrong. I am very down to earth.”

Moriah explained that she was very shy at school and that it was difficult to make friends, so she worked hard and stuck with it. The 27-year-old singer also sings and raps, she said that she is currently solving her trust problem and she hopes this will bring her more friends.

However, Moriah doesn’t mind people hanging out together because she claims she’s not short on men. “I like romance, getting drunk and eating. I’m never short of male admirers to take me out of the game.”

She also explained that people are always surprised when they find out that she doesn’t have a large group of friends. “Working in the music industry, as a model, people always think that I will have a large following, but that’s not the case,” she said.

“Most of the people I make friends with are men, but I don’t call them for dinner and hang out over drinks.