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YOUTUBE beauty guru Nikita Dragun has come under fire for allegedly exposing men slipping and falling on their DM in an Instagram music video titled “d * ck.”

One of them is hip-hop artist Tyga, who responded after including a screenshot showing his alleged conversation with him, with the words “Text me” and his phone number. After Nikita Dragun attached a screenshot of a message, Tyga hit him back.

Tyga responded to Nikita Dragun after providing a screenshot of a message. After Nikita Dragun released a music video that contained screenshots of the news, she strongly objected.

Nikita Dragun encountered strong opposition after posting a music video that contained screenshots of the news. Nikita uploaded a short music video called “d * ck” on Wednesday. Among them are images of some of the most iconic faces from RuPaul’s drag competition, including transgender woman Kylie Sonique Love.

But it also includes a screenshot of the influencer’s IG inbox, showing a message apparently sent by Tyga. Her avatar and a verified check mark appear next to the DM and it says “Text me.”

Followed by a phone number hidden by the word “d * ck”. This caused an immediate sensation on social media, as it could be interpreted as an indication that the rapper was trying to film the filming of him.

When the video caught Taiga’s attention, he claimed that the information was very professional and asked Nikita why he wanted to see other content. He wrote on Twitter: “My company recorded a music video for him that has never been released before.”

“I don’t know why he added my image to this.”

A follow-up tweet read: “Ladies and gentlemen, influence kills people.”

But when the Asian doll rapper joined the fight and criticized the photo of the trans star, things changed, with the word “d * ck” written on it.

Later, he confused Nikita on social media many times, using the pronoun “he” to refer to Nikita, and also called her “boy”.

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