Who is playing drew cain on General Hospital?

By now, you know that my children’s favorite, Cameron Mathison (Cameron Mathison), has joined the cast of General Hospital. You may also know that he will play Drew Kane. But did you know that Matheson was not told who he would play in the ABC soap opera? While this isn’t the best-kept secret for the day, General Hospital has finally officially revealed the role Cameron Matheson will play in his debut later this week: the supposedly late Drew Kane.

Yes, Matheson himself confirmed the role he will play last week. Mattison also posted a photo of himself on set, with a sloppy beard, cuts and bruises on his body.

“I had a great time during the first weeks of filming in GH,” Mathison wrote in his Instagram photo.

But looking back, although fans have been speculating on who will play Matheson since the GH actor’s announcement in April, even Matheson doesn’t know who he will play. According to all of my children’s students, he was apparently told that he would play a different role than Drew.

“[GH executive producer] Frank Valentini […] actually gave me a curve ball. They told me I had a different role in the first half of the signing of the contract,” Mathison told PopCulture in an interview with Say. . Matheson explained that until he met with Valentini, co-directors Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor, and a representative from ABC, he didn’t know exactly who he was going to play. “At that point I found out that he was playing Drew Kane, which gave me goosebumps.”

At that point, Matheson had to do something that he had never done for television characters before: grow an incredibly long beard.

“I showed up with a beautiful long beard, like a five-week stubble, and when I was filming, … I had to shave and shoot some flashbacks, which was great,” shared Matheson. Soon after, the general hospital took a break and Matheson was told to grow his beard again.

Since the end of “All My Children” in 2011, in his first role for the day, “I didn’t realize how much I missed him until my first day at GH,” Matheson admitted to Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t really feel nervous or anxious about going to work anymore. But I’m nervous because it means a lot to me, because all my children are very important to me. Then when I go back to the general hospital, I want after The first day, I said: ‘ Man, I don’t know how much I miss him.

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