Who is Sheismichaela? Photos and videos leaked onlyf

The renowned OnlyF model Sheismichaela speaks through the W Radio microphone about her success in virtual adult content, and is the highest paid woman in Colombia on the platform.

“We are doing well, we continue to grow and we want to see how far we can go (…). You must treat it like a job. You must know how to deal with statistics and have a clear understanding of the Target Task Force,” she said.

“Behind my success at OnlyF is my discipline and dedication,” she added.

She also took this opportunity to talk about her book, in which she will tell in detail about her childhood and her life today.

“These blows are given to me by society (referring to people’s comments). In my book I tell a lot about my life and how I learned to face this situation,” she commented.

Also, she promised that they “never” have personal meetings with users because “my thing is virtualization. If I agree to date someone for money, it is prostitution.”

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