Who is the strongest sensei, Kakashi from Naruto or Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen?

Although Naruto and Kaisen Jujutsu have very different universes, it cannot be denied that both works have some similarities, and one of the most talked about by fans is among their respective senses, Kakashi Hatake and Satoru Gojo.

In addition to taking on very similar roles in their stories, Kakashi and Gojo they have other things in common, including the striking similarity of their looks and even the fact that they both have special eyes. However, have you ever wondered which of these two men is the most powerful?

Starting with Kakashi, our beloved Sixth Hokage is undoubtedly one of the most powerful ninjas not only in Konoha but in the entire Naruto franchise. Having the Sharingan as one of his main weapons, Kakashi was known precisely for his enormous skill with this dojutsu, even though he did not belong to the Uchiha lineage.

In addition, in the final part of the series, when Kakashi temporarily manifests Obito’s Mangekyo Sharingan in his two eyes, he receives a huge upgrade, being able to use the famous Susanoo and both types of Kamui. In that brief period, Kakashi’s level of power was so high that he even rivaled Kaguya.

In the case of our dear uncle Gojo, since the beginning of the history of Jujutsu Kaisen he is considered as the most powerful sorcerer in the series. With an enormous amount of Cursed Energy, reflexes and superhuman strength, Gojo is an opponent that no Curse or Sorcerer wants to face alone.

However, Gojo’s level of power is even more absurd when it comes to his techniques, especially the Limitless, a technique derived from his lineage that in general allows him to have almost absolute control over space. One of the techniques of Limitless is the Empty Purple, in which Gojo combines the Spell Amplification: Blue and the Spell Reversal: Red to basically create a distortion at the atomic level, erasing all matter in its path.

Thus, with these two brief summaries, it is evident that both are powerful senseis, but in the case of Kakahsi, he still has some limitations, mainly related to his chakra reserves, while Gojo he is known precisely for being a sorcerer with almost unlimited powers.

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