Who is TikTok star Brooke Monk? your pack of leaked photos and more

The lip sync and dance content creator is known for posting short videos to her brookemonk_ TikTok account. Most of her videos provide identifiable content for ordinary high school students. She has more than 16 million fans on the platform.

She designed an iPhone case on the first TikTok.

In November 2019, she hosted a fan question and answer session on her eponymous YouTube channel. She received more than 4 million views on the April 2020 TikTok video, in which she mimicked her parents to try and explain the meme.

She has four sisters, the second daughter. She began dating social media star Sam Dezz in October 2020.
Her friend told him that she looked like Brooke Hyland in “Dancing Mom”.

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The backhanded compliments though

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In less than two years, Brooke Munch has amassed more than 16 million followers on the social media platform TikTok. However, in an interview with CNBC, she said that she never intended to get influencer status.

Monk posted her first TikTok post in September 2019. Since then, her video has gained 16.1 million fans and 1.2 billion likes.

The 18-year-old American influencer told CNBC on the latest episode of “Marketing Media Funding” that her goal has never been to attract a large following or become famous, but the fact that she really likes creating content for social media. . .

“I like to have an audience, I like to read people’s comments and I like to interact with people,” Munch said, explaining that not meeting everyone online almost drives her to post more information because she likes to see comments. .

Monk believes the secret to creating popular content on platforms like TikTok is posting things that people can relate to, “just like the trivial things that everyone has experienced in their lives.”

She also said that it’s important for influencers to listen to audience feedback and stay positive on social media.

Munch said: “I think most viewers start to feel disconnected from their influencers when they get too big and then they don’t care about their audience anymore.”