Who is Vanessa Freitas Bittencourt? photos and videos leaked onlyf

Entrepreneur, writer, lecturer, graduate professor, executive coaches, television presenter and organizational consultant for the largest companies in the world. All these attributions belong to a not too distant past of Vanessa Freitas. However, at age 48 she decided to change careers and began working as a model. Today, aged 49, she has achieved success on the Onlyfans adult content platform. Your profile has become one of the most visited profiles in the first month of sales.

Before becoming the muse of the platform, Vanessa, despite having a rich resume and professional success, was not happy. “I am 20 kg overweight and I feel obese. I am not physically active and I live off work. They can definitely call me a ‘workaholic’,” she said.

In 2019, due to a joke with her husband, she participated in the Musa do Brasileirão competition and was selected as a champion as Musa do Ceará, known by her title and the title of almost 400,000 fans on Instagram.

At age 49, model Vanessa Freitas won at Onlyfans At 49, model Vanessa Freitas won at Onlyfans Photo: Publicity
Vanessa then began to dedicate herself to a modeling career and left the business world: “At first I suffered a lot of prejudice, but I began to worry less about criticism. I have never felt so happy and satisfied as now. I have all the support I need. “.

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