Who is Veronica Wolski? is dead for covid-19 – What happened to ivermectin?

When QAnon supporters reportedly asked them to treat their COVID-19 diagnosis with ivermectin, a woman became the center of a harassment campaign against a Chicago hospital.

Veronica Wolski, a popular QAnon advocate famous for hanging banners on a bridge in Chicago, died early Monday morning after being in a hospital from COVID-19 for several weeks.

Conspiracy theorist Linwood announced her death on Telegram. Linwood is one of QAnon’s biggest and most influential supporters. Wood had previously urged his 814,000 Telegram followers to call Amita Resurrection Hospital, asking Wolski to receive ivermectin treatment instead of approved and tested drugs or vaccines.

Wood claimed in a post on Telegram that Wals Gene refused to use ivermectin to treat his COVID and was killed by the hospital.

“I just found out that Veronica Wolski saw the face of God at 12:44 this morning,” Wood said.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that these medical killings are now stopped and that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

“Veronica will look down on us on her overpass. We must do our best to make sure that Veronica will not leave this land in vain.”

Just hours before reporting his death, Wood posted a video online. He called hospital staff and demanded his release, claiming that if he did not do so, the person who answered the phone would be convicted of murder.

Wood also released a similar statement Sunday night, stating that he had already argued with Volsky’s authorization that if Amita Resurrection Hospital and its medical providers do not immediately release Veronica for treatment, they will become “Aid in the murder.” . .ask for.

Wood again shared the hospital’s phone number and encouraged his hundreds of thousands of fans to call him: “Let your hospital hear your voice now.”

Other popular QAnon supporters encouraged his followers to harass hospital staff using ivermectin to treat Wolski, including Sidney Powell, who, along with Wood, attempted to claim that the 2020 election was widely rejected as a “kraken” “manipulated by the lawsuit, and former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

In an earlier statement to the Chicago Sun Times, Amita Health spokeswoman Olga Solares confirmed that she was aware of the campaign by QAnon supporters, but did not address it directly.

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