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British media watchdog Ofcom warned that video streaming platforms such as TikTok, Snap and OnlyFans must ask users about their age and delete harmful and illegal content, including hate speech and terrorism, or face huge fines. The regulator’s new guidelines clarify the audiovisual media service regulations that came into effect in November last year and allow Ofcom to impose fines of up to 5% of the relevant turnover, or £250,000.

However, this rule only applies to video streaming services with regional headquarters in the UK, so YouTube, Netflix, and Disney Plus are not included. Ofcom stated that, for example, the supervision of YouTube content belongs to the Irish authorities where its European headquarters are located. The regulator said that in the next 12 months, it will focus on monitoring highly sensitive areas such as child sexual abuse, online hatred and terror, under 18 protection on adult websites, and reports surrounding users reporting harmful content on the platform. Process. It will not rule on individual problematic content, but will ensure that the company itself is transparent and consistent in handling illegal content on its platform.

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