Who was Natalie Williamson and what was the cause of her dead?

On September 5, 2021, at a party held at a Venice home, Natalie Williamson and three other people died of drug overdoses.

Who was Natalie Williamson and what was the cause of her death?

Natalie Williamson, 33, died of a cocaine overdose containing fentanyl in Venice Beach, California, on Sunday. Comedian and model Kate Quigley lives in Los Angeles with the late Natalie Williamson. The two were reportedly friends and had a small party at a Venice Beach home.

Kate and Natalie are joined by Fortune Johnson and Enrico Congri. Kate Quigley is in the hospital and is reportedly expected to survive.

However, the other three were found dead.

The Haha Comedy Club in Los Angeles first reported on the incident.

In an Instagram post, they wrote, “We have lost two members of the Haha family.” Since then, the online mourning for drug overdose victims has been online.

However, there are others who take this opportunity to raise awareness about the dangers and risks of drug use.

One Twitter user wrote: “Just say no. You’ve seen a lot of fentanyl crossing the border. Consider this poison while looking at the dust.” Comedian Kate Quigley is an American comedian, actor, and model. She has appeared on various shows and is currently hosting the #DateFails podcast.

There were rumors that Quigley was dating Fortune Johnson, but after Johnson’s death, the rumor was debunked.

Kate Quigley was in critical condition when she was admitted to the hospital, but now she is expected to survive an overdose.

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