Who was Raoul Moat? The Newcastle killer died or is he alive?

To the outside world, he may be like a burly bodybuilder, strong both inside and outside. But behind the hard exterior of the Raoul moat is a paranoid and insecure obsessive-compulsive disorder, according to people close to him. In July 2010, the former door guard fled after shooting three people and became the most wanted criminal in the UK.

The moat was eventually driven to desperation by armed police in Rothbury, Northumberland, where he ended his life. But who is Raoul Moat and what drives him to commit terrible crimes? The gunman and his half-brother Angus grew up in the Fenham area of ​​Newcastle. The brothers were brought up by their grandmother for most of their childhood.

Why do millennials use their mobile phones to learn a language in 3 weeks? Sponsored link via Taboola Peter said he didn’t know that Josephine Healy, the moat’s mother, was pregnant when they separated. The murderer’s friends and family said that it may be that the moat desperately created the perfect family life he had never had, which led to the rampage of violence when he lost everything.

His best friend, 45-year-old Tony Lederer, said: “He just wants family life. He has always been with children. When he was a self-employed person, he used to try to arrange all of his things around the children. Work. He is really nice to them.” In the days after his friend’s death, Tony said he believed that Moat had been unfairly harassed by the police during his time as a doorman, which was the cause of his despair.

“We were all harassed by the police,” he said. “But it started to really affect him. He always rubbed his face when he was stressed, and whenever I walked over, he would sit on the sofa and rub his face. “Since I was about three years old, we have been fighting together. He is just an ordinary guy, a normal guy who likes motorcycles, and we always go out to catch frogs and the like. “He was brought up by his grandmother, and he only sees his mother every other Christmas when he comes with gifts.”

Moat quit his job as a bodyguard six years before the shooting and started his tree surgery business, Mr. Trimit. But Tony claimed that he still often clashed with the police. Moat began shooting wildly two days after his release from Durham Prison, where he was serving 18 weeks in prison for beating children. When the moat was running, Angus specifically told the chronicle about the moat.

He said he believed his brother had a nervous breakdown during the shooting. Angus believes that the moat is not the terminator killer he was portrayed during the hunt, but just a father who wants to reunite his family. “I think Raoul has a lot of relationships with our family,” he explained.

“I think he just wanted a stable family life, but it never worked, and he has collapsed. “He comes from a rather abnormal background, where there is almost no maternal love, and maybe this is why he is so eager to form a stable family unit by himself as an adult. “When all this goes wrong, it may be the straw that killed the camel.”

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