Why are Belinda and Iron Maiden trending on social media?

Although many would think that Belinda does not have great relevance in the entertainment world, the truth is that they are wrong, since the Mexican singer enjoys great popularity among her fans for her participation in various programs.

Although recently, Belinda has stood out more for her relationship with the ranchero singer Christian Nodal, The pop star knows how to stir up passions on social media, whether it’s with videos, songs, lyrics, or just an outfit.

Why are Belinda and Iron Maiden trending on social media?

And the latter was the one who revived Belinda on social networks, since an outfit with an Iron Maiden print put her on everyone’s lips, and earned from applause from his fans, to iron criticism from metalheads in the world.

This outfit used it Belinda recently in a broadcast of La Voz Kids and that she shared on her Facebook profile, which consists of a skirt and socks stamped with Eddie, the mascot of the mythical British band Iron Maiden.

Belinda’s outfit sparked all kinds of reactions

This look immediately provoked multiple reactions among netizens, from applause, cheers and even criticism from some who did not like the way the pop star looked.

“I knew it was not bad that I liked Belinda and automatically go to Iron Maiden without feeling guilty,” says a user on social networks.

β€œI loved her super band wardrobe,” says another about the Mexican singer’s posting.

A comment that made Belinda respond

One of the negative comments that raised the most controversy, provoked a response from the famous that astonished his followers.

“How beautiful, my love. I wish you knew who Iron Maiden is ”, wrote user Juan Francisco (although he later deleted his comment).

β€œI think you lack some pop culture. The stereotypes you handle about people (mainly women, from what I see) are misplaced. Better run and pay attention to my Instagram stories to give you an idea about my musical tastes, “Belinda replied.

Although apparently Belinda is not entirely a fan of Iron Maiden, the look looked incredible and made social networks explode again with a great success: an outfit.

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