Wigwam legend Jim Pembroke is dead – Cause of death

Wigwam legend Jim Pembroke bids farewell to the Finnish audience at a concert with Pave Maijanen Jim Pembroke has died at the age of 75. This talented Englishman revolutionized Finnish rock music before moving to Kansas City, USA last year. Fortunately, he returned to Finland to take part in the Wigwam celebration trip. Music editor Pasi Kostiainen wrote that this is a beautiful farewell between Pembroke and Pave Maijanen.

JIM PEMBROKE was born in the United Kingdom and died in the United States at the age of 75, but he has left a deep mark in the history of Finnish rock and roll. As a soloist and one of the songwriters of the Wigwam band, Pembroke created the history of Finnish rock: the band signed a recording contract with Richard Branson’s Virgin Records and managed to achieve an international breakthrough.

Many of the band’s records, especially the “Nuclear Nightclub” album (1975), are considered to be one of the most important Finnish classic rock albums. In addition, Pembroke will be remembered for his Eurovision songs for Kojo and Riki Sorsa and his collaborations with Hurriganes and others.

Y told him about PEMBROKE’s death on Saturday night. Emma Pembroke, the musician’s daughter and singer-songwriter living in Finland, confirmed this sad news. According to him, Jim Pembroke died after suffering a health problem in his wife’s arms for a while. He-he wants to wish all his friends all the best, “Let the good times continue to flow”. Emma tells Pembrokeyl that she hopes all her friends can hear the news. What good did Pembroke do to the Finns during his last visit to Finland!

Jim Pembroke participated in the Wigwam 50th Anniversary Tour. He plays and sings. Although the passage of time is obvious, it does carry the beautiful legacy of his band. When the nature of the song requires it, the performance is full of passion, and when it is required, the performance will be restrained. No one was ashamed at the opening concert of the Helsinki House of Culture tour. Of course, there is nostalgia in the air, but most importantly, this is a musical feast, an ambitious but easy-to-appreciate live party of avant-garde rock and roll. Of course, it turns out that Wigwam’s music lasted for a record time, but it came to life to celebrate the celebration that night and in the following weeks.

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