Global best-selling author Wilbur Smith is dead – Cause of death -Obituary

Global best-selling author Wilbur Smith died unexpectedly this afternoon at his home in Cape Town after a morning of reading and writing with his wife Niso. Wilbur Smith’s novels are undisputed and unparalleled masters of adventure writing. They have attracted readers for more than half a century and have sold more than 140 million copies in more than 30 languages ​​worldwide.

We are sorry to announce that the beloved, global bestselling author Wilbur Smith passed away unexpectedly this afternoon at his Cape Town home, with his wife Niso by his side.

His best-selling Courtney series is the longest in publishing history. It tells the adventures of the Courtney family around the world, spanning generations and three centuries, from the dawn of colonization of Africa to the American Civil War. A critical period, and then to the era of apartheid in South Africa.

In the 49 novels that Smith has published so far, he takes readers to the gold mines of South Africa, the pirates of the Indian Ocean, the treasures of tropical islands, the conflict between Arabia and Khartoum, ancient Egypt, Germany and the Second World War. Paris, India, America and Antarctica, encounter ruthless diamond and slave traders and large game hunters in the jungles and bushes of the African wilderness. However, Wilbur most agrees with the hero Taita in his widely acclaimed Egyptian novels, and “River God” is still one of his favorite novels.

Wilbur Smith’s first novel “When the Lion Feeds” was published in 1964 and immediately became a bestseller, and each of his novels subsequently appeared on the bestseller list Ranking, and often ranked first, this gives the author the opportunity to travel all over the world to find inspiration and adventure.

He believes in in-depth research, meticulously verifying every fact, and following the advice of Charles Pick of his first publisher, William Heinemann, “Write what you know “. Smith is a bushman, survivalist and large game hunter. He obtained a pilot license. He is a professional scuba diver, a protector. He manages his own wildlife sanctuary and owns one in Seychelles.

He also used his extensive experience in Switzerland and rural Russia outside Africa to help create his fictional world. His autobiography “On Leopard Rock” details his own life, which is as exciting and full of unexpected events as any of his novels.

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