With nothing to see? These are the new Netflix movies and series

UNITED STATES.- The weekend is almost over and many times we just want to be enjoying ourselves in total tranquility. Therefore, through the Intra News we are going to tell you about the series Y films that premiere this weekend in Netflix. Without a doubt there is something for all tastes, so you better take note, prepare your favorite food and drink and enter the platform of streaming.

One night in Lagos: This African film deals with the life of a man who tries to rob the house of a wealthy woman. But to his bad luck (or not) he comes across a gang of armed robbers who have had the same idea on the same day. Without a doubt, this movie can bring you great satisfaction and, best of all, it takes place in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Myth of Sisyphus: a really sublime Korean series that hits the screens of Netflix. The first season is about an engineer who realizes a lot of secrets by mistake. And he will have to, together with his wife, reveal all this. Ragnarök: Thaw and pollution hit the Norwegian people. And a fairly famous legend will reincarnate in one of the most popular gods.

Luis Miguel: The series: one of the most popular productions premieres a new episode every Sunday. The series deals with the life of the “Sun of Mexico” during the years of 1998 and 2005. This is one of the bastions of Netflix and which has had the greatest popularity in Latin America and Spain. Of course, her fans look forward to each weekend to learn more about her star.

Bo Burnhan: Inside: a comedy that analyzes a rather curious year through new songs and some original things that he wrote, recorded and incarnated in isolation at home (sounds like you?). It is certainly a good opportunity to completely relax and release the stress of the whole week with a few laughs. So you know, a good number of productions to see and enjoy alone or in company.