Xuxa sends message to raise awareness about COVID-19

Xuxa is an icon of Brazil that had its peak in the 90s, Her game shows, songs, and shows went around the world, and she was also one of the highest-earning presenters at the time.

But the years have passed Xuxa continues to be quite popular, although in the new generations they do not locate it, the parents of the new youth still have it marked in their memories.

Xuxa sends a message to raise awareness about COVID-19: ‘I killed my mother’

Faced with the COVID-19 Pandemic, Xuxa decided to send a message through their social networks on the critical situation in his country due to covid-19.

“I killed my mom”, are the words that are heard in a story told in the first person during a video on Instagram, which aims to create awareness in the population of the risk that the virus brings to society.

A fictional story to raise awareness in the population

Although it is a fictional story, Xuxa knows that it is better to send a message than to alert the population instead of bad news from the COVID-19 virus.

“The other day I went to the beach and I met some friends, I also went dancing. Then I returned to my house and my mother was there. I hugged her and kissed her. The covid hit him. I killed my mother, ”says the Brazilian actress in the video.

Xuxa, whose real name is Maria da Graça Xuxa Meneghel, highlights that his intention was to remind citizens that situations like this occur daily due to lack of awareness.

Some users criticized Xuxa’s position against COVID-19

The Brazilian has more than 11 million followers on social networksSome leaned in favor of the purpose of the message and supported maintaining a healthy distance from vulnerable people.

But since criticism is never lacking, some users question their financial position, which is baggy and allows you to stay at home.

Brazil is experiencing a critical situation with full hospitals, mandatory confinements and a disorganized vaccination process, and so far there are at least 322 thousand deaths from the virus.

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