Young Thug sister dead and obituary, Angela Grier passed away

Young Thug’s sister Angela has reportedly passed away

Young Thug’s sister revealed his rap name is actually an acronym and explained exactly what it means.

On Tuesday (Dec. 20), Young Thug’s sister HiDorraah (herself a hip-hop artist) broke the news about her superstar brother on Instagram, and his legion of fans don’t seem to know it. HiDorraah, also known by her official name Dora Williams, explains why her currently incarcerated brother chose “Young Thug” as the nickname for his rap game, and how it was a big influence on the YSL founder.

First on Tuesday, HiDoraah tweeted the previously undisclosed acronym without further explanation, and from the naked eye, she was just expressing her support for Thugger, who is currently embroiled in Georgia High profile RICO case.

As Twitter users started flocking to the comments section of the somewhat cryptic social media post, the doting sister turned to her Instagram Story, where she offered more insight. HIDoraah explains that Young Thug, formerly known as Jeffery Lamar Williams, invented the powerful acronym himself before becoming one of the most popular rappers in the game.

“For people who never knew why he called himself [Young Thug] by his stage name,” she confirmed.

HiDoraah’s definition of the Young Thug acronym and its meaning came during an extremely difficult time for Thugger, YSL and the rest of the Williams family. As previously reported, Young Thug has been in prison since May on various charges, chief among them alleged violations of Georgia’s Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), and is scheduled to be murdered on January 9, 2023. appear in court.