Zane Timpson is dead – Obituary 2021 – cause of death

Zane Timpson has passed away at the age of 26. Jordan Maxham confirmed the devastating news via Instagram. The heroin skateboarder was born and raised in Leucadia, California, and moved to San Francisco in 2013 and stayed there for nearly seven years. Recently, he called Encinitas home.

In Maxham’s Instagram post, he shared some thoughts after the death of his close friend: “I cried all day yesterday. I embraced the professional model board that you signed for me. I took it to skate and kept walking. Go ahead. I read our text and called you. You didn’t answer.

I left you a voice mail that no one would hear. If they do, they won’t be able to understand it because I can barely get through Speaking in tears. I woke up from crying again today, and I still can’t understand the fact that you are not here. Great far.

You have always been so kind and caring. I am proud of who you become when you grow up. I am very lucky to spend so much time with you. I will always call your name. I love you Zane. ” Tipson treated everything differently, conquering a skating rink bigger than life, and making an extra push on the steepest and most terrifying unpaved hills.

Watching any of his mountain bombing shots, you can be pretty sure that this is a person who likes skating very much-and skates very fast. His heroin “Sufferlove” part last summer showed Zane Timpson’s fearlessness and joy in skating. In his recent Bronson Speed ​​Co. life video, Timpson talked about the importance of pushing yourself as much as possible: “You always become humble, that’s what you should be… If you are not humble, you are not trying. “

Strangely, Tipson shared some memories of Henry Gatland in “Life on the Fast Lane”, as well as his aunt Linda, revealing that he took her death certificate and ashes wherever he went. He also revealed the origin of his name: “Zane is the name of the ending sitcom; my mother came up with it,” Tipson recalled in the video above.

“Basically, my mother was in the hospital for some baby-related things. She saw this character she likes very much on a show. At the end of the credits, the actor’s name is’Zane’. So this is where she came up with this name. “Rip Zane.

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