Zidane’s harsh response to his critics: “I don’t think it’s a disaster”

Zidane He was calm about the results, but he avoided falling into an excess of confidence to continue fighting in both competitions, he responded to his critics in a forceful way and analyzed the last part of the season with a magnifying glass: «We are all happy with the team and I like very happy coach. We have ten games in 30 days and that is what we have, “remarked the Franco-Algerian coach in the preview of the duel between Real Madrid and Getafe.

He was asked about his “secret” to keep the team on its feet in the midst of difficulties: “That I enjoy what I do every day and then work. These players have won a lot but they always want more and that is great for a coach. We know how to suffer and to win we have to do it “, confessed Zidane without major qualms before the local media.

The coach acknowledged to the Spanish media that he is aware of the intensity of recent weeks. However, he trusts his squad and their mentality: «They have been very demanding days, we know it, but we know this situation. The players are clever and the recovery is done in the details. Tomorrow we are going to have a very physically demanding match ».

He also referred to the new term of Florentino Pérez as president of the club: “I am happy for him because he will continue to be president of the Real Madrid. Of the rest, nobody knows what will happen. I’m happy for the president, I don’t know what will happen next. You can have a four- or five-year contract and leave tomorrow, or the other way around. One of a year and stay longer. That doesn’t mean anything »


Finally, he responded to those who say that his thing is a matter of luck: «What I say is not going to change anything. If I have a flower? It’s true that I’m very lucky to be here, but I don’t think I’m a managerial disaster. Not the best either. The important thing is to put passion and I know where I am. The most important thing is the players. There is a lot of talk here, I would like to talk more about football with you and not about these things, “he said.

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