Zlatorz leaked twitter, twitch video and photos, Whats happened?

G5_Sin, a Twitch streamer with more than six thousand followers, grimaced and pointed a gun at the camera.

“I’m taking this bastard to New York City, to Manhattan,” he said earlier in a livestream about JTX_live, a mid-sized streamer from the U.K. that produced videos criticizing the G5 and its approach to extending the platform. “There are no cops here. […] If I fly this guy to Manhattan […] and take him down a side street, do you think these cops would care if I hit him?”

Officially, Mr. Beast is more popular than local news, and thanks to his fortunes in the calm waters of hot tubs with characters like him, “streamer” is now considered a bona fide career path. But some relatively new streamers need help to make it happen. They use exploitative acronyms like “support support,” ask even smaller streamers to watch their videos and inflate their numbers in barter deals that may never last. The G5 is one of those “support-support” streamers, and JTX has publicly stated that it doesn’t like the strategy in its videos.

The G5 doesn’t take criticism well. During his menacing livestream, he earnestly likened himself to a “rap star” and made his intentions clear: “JTX I’m going to hit you, your mom is going to cry bro. If you don’t have a mom… fuck , I don’t care. I’ll make your dearest cry.”

Naturally, JTX G5 reported surprise and concern to Twitch due to the explicit threats and explicit images of violence in the stream that aired in June.

“I’m more concerned that he might intimidate other people so badly that they leave the platform or fear for their own lives,” JTX told me via DM to be threatened. I won’t change my US trip later this year, but I’m now more cautious about who knows my address. “

However, despite his legitimate concerns and public evidence that G5 violated Twitch’s terms of service (no abuse, no threats), Twitch has remained completely silent. Twitch, which played an unwitting supporting role in one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history, still has no official stance against guns on its platform. However, it trumps the sim Second Life, with the anime skin flashing every now and then. Streaming platforms are also quicker to ban streamers calling white people “cookies” than gun threats.

Meanwhile, the G5 had a full month to soak up the “haters” sunshine, tweeting on July 26 that the gun wasn’t meant to intimidate anyone.