Cause of death, Rick Jones Canadian-born television presenter and musician is dead

I’m very sad to report that Rick Jones, aka Yoffy from Fingerbobs has passed away aged 84. I initially interviewed him for my book many years ago and we stayed in touch. He was a huge creative spirit, a talented musician and a lover of life. I shall miss him greatly

Jones started his TV career. He is the co-host of Play School, a daily show for preschoolers. He plays guitar and sings. In 1972, he became the host of another show “Fingerbob” for young children, in which he created characters with finger puppets made of paper.

He is also one of many well-known artists, taking turns presenting the music variety series “We Want to Sing” produced by the BBC Manchester Company, inviting young live audiences to sing together with the host and various songs. Guests such as The New Seekers, The Settlers and the cabaret trio The New Faces. [2] Other BBC TV shows he has appeared on include Watch and Play Away. Subsequently, Jones succeeded as a musician (keyboard/vocal) in the British country rock band Meal Ticket. Songs featuring him include “Snow”, “Last Port of Call” and “Laughing Daughter”.

The song “Better Feel it Babe” is the theme of the BBC TV today’s series The Flipside of Dominick Hide (1980) and its sequel “Another Flip for Dominick (1982)”. [3] After Meal Ticket broke up, Jones wrote and starred in the musical Flash Fearless vs. The Zorg Women in Los Angeles. In 2001, he reunited with Meal Ticket and participated in a one-time performance in a London bar.

Jones currently lives in San Francisco with his wife Valerie. He collaborated with Roger Penycate to create a stage musical called Laughing Daughter based on the songs and lyrics of Meal Ticket (originally written by Rick Jones and Dave Pierce). From September 3, 2009, it held a three-week performance at the Indian Hyde Art Center in Southern Maryland, USA.

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